October 2011


It's Not Just Relaxation

Many people think of meditation as being a type of deep relaxation exercise, but this isn't really the case. It is true that meditation practice can help promote a deep sense of inner peace, but that isn't the same thing as relaxation. It is also true that there are some very effective and beneficial self-hypnosis exercises for relaxation or the treatment of anxiety and insomnia. Meditation, however, is not about learning how to hypnotize yourself so you can fall asleep. It's about learning how to stop being hypnotized so you can wake up.

Organ Emails

To: Heart

From: Brain

Subject: Re-thinking recent developments


Lately I've noticed that you've been pursuing certain interests that, while understandable from the perspective of my own right side, can be seen as detrimental to the whole of the body we both serve. I appreciate that your sense of fulfillment is nebulous and frustratingly subjective, but if we're being honest we both know you're not the best decision maker in this corporeal locus. I urge you, for the sake of our system's total health, to refrain from further acts of motivation that may cause our host long-term harm.

Special Guest Horoscopes: 2012 Presidential Candidates

The stars don't need trained professionals to read them. Fate has been moving since before humans appeared in this world and it will work its wonders after we've gone. That's why we like to invite new people to our humble blog to read the weekly horoscopes from a fresh perspective.

The 2012 presidential election is starting to heat up with sitting President Barack Obama making his first push to raise funds and garner support, as well as the field of Republican candidates starting to shape up. Since they'll be spending a lot of energy talking about what they're going to do to make life better over the course of four years, we here at Zen Ramblings decided to test their intuition by having them tell you how to improve your life over just the next week.