April 2011

Venusian Rabbitile Egg Hunt at Zecron Sector Orbital Labs



Employee Resident #6850-D, you are receiving this transmission from Core Control to inform you that Zecron Sector Orbital Labs has been infested by Venusian Rabbitiles and that they have begun laying their eggs in various corners of the facility, including your dormitory and work station. It is the opinion of ZSOL Psychological Care that you should be alarmed. Because the infestation affects your residence and place of business, you have been selected as a member of the Egg Extermination Team. Please follow these vital instructions concerning your role in EET.

Cake Topper Cold Feet

Alex stared into the mirror, for how long he didn't know. Absent-mindedly he reached for his bow tie to straighten it, forgetting that it was as straight as it was ever going to be, just like his tuxedo was never going to be smoother or more wrinkled, his hair never not parted to the left and his eyes never not fixed straight ahead. That was life as a molded plastic cake topper and Alex just didn't know if he could go through with it.