October 2010

Annual Sugar Mutant Invasion at Zecron Sector Orbital Labs


Core Control is sorry to disturb you during your routine hygienic elimination, excess body hair removal and personal sterilization period, Employee Resident #6850-D. It is not our habit to interrupt our Employee Residents during these very important and mandatory activities, but that protocol is superseded by Emergency Directive XT3C: Announcements pertaining to official upcoming disaster events. In but a few cycles' time, a raiding party of genetic anomaloids from the failed boson de-massing experiments of the former Epsilon Sector Orbital Labs will descend upon Zecron Sector in response to their annual sucrose deficiency state. These "sugar mutants", as they have been dubbed by planetary civilians, are highly dangerous and it is the official position of the Federation of Alpha Centauri Satellites and Fusion Stations to interact with them as little as possible. Please follow these behavioral guidelines upon the arrival of the sugar mutants.

Bogeyperson Amnesty Association Letter of Grievances

We, the semi-real entities of the Bogeyperson Amnesty Association, address this letter to all individuals and organizations that have spent the past several centuries routinely oppressing our kind. For countless years, bogeymen and bogeywomen (or bogeypersons, as we prefer to say) have been subject to unfair treatment, rampant stereotyping and socially-enforced poverty. We are here, united against this abject cruelty in a collective statement of demand for equal rights under the law. No longer shall any bogeyperson endure the daily mistreatment that has characterized our place in society for far too long. Herein we shall list our grievances and call to action any individual, bogey or non-bogey, who seeks justice in our cause.

Lies in America: Part 3- David Clarence, Rockaway Beach

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Next door to the St. Rose of Lima church and school in Rockaway Beach, New York Province, RNE is a building designed by famed architect Alfonzo Jao to look like a silver galleon. It was erected just a year after the Transition and today is widely regarded as the single ugliest building in the entire nation. It is still the butt of many jokes on nightly talk shows and there is even a tradition in the Republic of New England to eat specialty cakes shaped like it on Sovereignty Day, the RNE's day of independence. The latter is because, in addition to being a public eyesore, it is the seat of the Citizen Army, the single most pervasive aspect of civic life in the republic. We visited the CAHQ as a matter of protocol for the rest of the journey. The crew and I needed to get temporary I-Bar tattoos, routine physicals and bureaucratic approval to embed with a CitArm detachment in rural Connecticut.

Special Guest Horoscopes: Your Ex-Girlfriends

The stars don't need trained professionals to read them. Fate has been moving since before humans appeared in this world and it will work its wonders after we've gone. That's why we like to invite new people to our humble blog to read the weekly horoscopes from a fresh perspective.

Look, folks, we're really sorry. We didn't know they were even gonna be in town, let alone drop by the office. We know things didn't quite end well between each pair of you and you know that if we had our choice, we'd always side with you. It's just... well... the boss said we had to let them read the horoscopes. We know it's not ideal and this is probably going to be really uncomfortable, but we'll, like, buy you a beer later or something. Again, sorry.

Lies in America: Part 2- David Clarence, High Central Station

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In all my travels around the Republic of New England, no one place stuck out to me as much as this one. High Central Station in New York City, New York Province is a marvel on many levels. Functionally, it is the transportation hub for the entire nation, a multi-storey network of trains, taxi depots, helicopter pads and ferries. There's an entire line that goes straight to Northeast International Airport (formerly John F. Kennedy International) and I have it on good authority that the New York/Boston/Philadelphia rail is the fastest train outside of Japan. High Central is stunning in its efficiency, which is somewhat undercut by the prevalence of bright advertisements littered throughout the station. Beyond the architecture, it's those adverts that make the place so memorable.